Dallas (Main Location) – Beyond Backyards Store in Dallas

Dallas (Main Location) – Beyond Backyards Store in Dallas


1694 West Northwest Hwy.
Dallas, Texas 75220


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Step Into a World of Backyard Play in Dallas!

Do you remember what it felt like to be a kid? That constant drive to keep moving – even if you didn’t yet know that energetic activity was EXACTLY what your young body and mind needed to thrive and grow?

Stop for a second and step out into your current yard. Take in the space and the shining Texas sun, and imagine it all through a child’s eyes. Is something missing? Is it the safe and healthy space your child deserves?

Far too many homeowners miss the potential for an outdoor living space to be so much more than a pretty, green, and boring lawn. How about bringing it to life with a carefully-crafted wooden swingset, safety-assured trampoline, and professional-quality basketball hoop?

Tree Frog Swingsets Has Everything You Need to Create the Perfect Outdoor Play Space.

We sell top-of-the-line play sets, all fully-customizable with swings to rock walls to slides to rope ladders and more so you can create whatever configuration best fits your yard and family needs.

And we don’t just sell toys – we sell an experience of life!

At Tree Frogs, we truly believe that what today’s children need most is to get their faces out of the computers and phones and embrace the non-stop outside action you experienced as a child. To get their legs and hearts pumping. To breathe that fresh air. To get the sun on their skin.

To move!

Aside from Tree Frogs Swing Sets, we also sell Ryval Basketball Hoops and Jumpsport Trampolines to really round out your yard and make it the coolest place on the block.

These Aren’t the Rickety, Mass-Produced Contraptions You Get from Big Box Stores – Tree Frogs Only Sells Premium Quality Products with the Highest Safety Standards.

Parents who buy from Tree Frogs do so because they want the best for their children. Quality that lasts a childhood or longer– and because these sturdy sets can be added to as the years go by, they can be adapted to the growing needs of a growing family. You also expect the ultimate in safety standards, and this is something we refuse to compromise on.

All of our swing set products are composed of durable Redwood and Western Red Cedar and sealed with a child-safe, water-soluble stain. They are designed to resist the splitting, twisting, warping, and shrinking that often leads to equipment breaking down, falling apart, and causing injuries.

We don’t use nails either – all equipment is held together with bolts.

Our quality standards are extended to our basketball hoops and trampolines. We only sell the sturdiest, most heavy duty basketball hoops, and Jumpsport is known to produce the world’s safest trampolines.

Come Let Your Kids Play Their Hearts Out In Our 100% Free, No-Pressure Play Area!

The best way to appreciate our premium play products is to come in and see the smile our swing sets, basketball goals, and trampolines put on your child’s face for yourself.

That’s why we’ve put together a huge outdoor display area with over 12 play sets on display in various configurations. You’ll also get a chance to try out our basketball goals and trampolines.

But don’t worry – our play area is designed solely to deliver a good time. That means no pressure and no interrupting the good old-fashioned fun with high-pressure sales pitches.

Our staff is here if you need them, but meanwhile, just come in have some good times and laughs on us. We even host birthday parties!

Ready to Come Pay Us a Visit?

Drive down to our Main Dallas showroom and say hello.

You’ll find us at 1694 West Northwest Hwy. in Dallas, Texas. If you’d like to take the fun home with you, ask about our professional installation services and our Tree Frogs Warranty.

Welcome Back, We Missed You!

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