5 Important Trampoline Safety Tips For Families

Trampoline Safety

There’s a lot to be said on the benefits of trampolines, both as a form of valuable outdoor exercise as well as entertainment. But those benefits are only realized with sound trampoline safety.

Not so. This activity is seriously a great way for your family to gain much needed time outdoors with the added bonus of health gains like stability and balance.

With this ideal match, naturally comes a certain amount of responsibility. As a parent you know all about responsibility, but there can be some injuries associated with this activity that can be overlooked in all the excitement.

Let’s look at some ways to lessen any possible events, sure to rain on everyone’s parade.

Strong Trampoline Safety Net and Surrounds

Simply put, the net is the one thing between trampoline users and the hard ground below.  Check out the net including the supports and also the springs, when looking to purchase. Thick woven braids are best and the support posts should be able to withstand sudden and sometimes constant contact.

Any padding should be thick enough to not be adequate for constant use. They should be overlapping and covering the frame for extra safety.

Look for quality that will take the tests your family will put your trampoline through.

Quality Springs

Speaking of springs. Bigger is definitely better when looking a trampoline springs. They will be far more shock absorbing and forgiving.  Your trampoline will take a lot play over the years.

Larger springs, rather than shorter ones are the way to go.


Quality, and a reputable supplier often take a back seat to cost.

This is really something that should be avoided. By all means look around, but ultimately look for the best and safest trampoline you can afford.

Play equipment surrenders to heavy use, after all, and you want something offering lasting safety and strength.

Annual checkups and maintenance are important for the life of your trampoline. Be sure to read the warranty details for advice on when parts may need to be replaced.

Remember to consider correct weight ranges specified for your new trampoline. There’s no quicker way to destroy equipment than to abuse its manufacturers recommendations.


Out With The Old

Maybe it is time to look into purchasing a new trampoline The old one may hold lots of sentimental value, but that will pale in comparison to its potential for injury.

New technology and advances in sporting and leisure equipment now see consumers with an excellent selection for their individual needs. Upgrading may be the only way, for continuous enjoyment.

Old just doesn’t mean the trampoline. Sometimes you need to also look at placement, ground coverings and surroundings your new trampoline.

It goes without saying the area must be hazard free. Placing the trampoline on cement may not be the best idea. Look for softer ground, and perhaps even add a softer ground covering, such as bark.

Overhead clearance is essential. Keep your trampoline away from over-hanging trees, cables or anything that may be extending from a property.

It seems like a given, but you might be surprised at how many people forget about the obvious things, in all the excitement of their new purchase.

Have Some Rules

Did someone say party pooper? Don’t worry, rules aren’t for spoiling anyone’s fun, just the opposite. When users know the boundaries, it creates stability and comfort in knowing that you have their best interests in mind.

Your trampoline will need to be given the same respect as any other piece of sporting equipment or playing gear.

You can have fun and be safe too. As long as everyone knows what is acceptable and what isn’t, then there will be no tears, and lots of fun.

Being mindful about safety is not just about supervising your kids, family and friends. It’s also about gaining the knowledge of this piece of equipment that you offer to them, its capabilities and benefits to all.

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The Right Trampoline Size

So, the decision has been made to invest in a trampoline for your home. You know that a trampoline is something that can be fun for both kids and adults. Trampolining, when enjoyed safely, can even offer some health benefits including improved posture and balance.

So what’s the next step? There are a few things to consider, once all the cheering and excitement has died down, with the first, possibly most daunting question – What trampoline size?

Trampoline Size: Fit For Purpose

Consider who is going to use the trampoline. Those joining you in the fun may range from your children’s friends, neighbors and their visitors, all the way through to extended family and more during holiday times.

If adults will be using the trampoline, consider that there are many differences in weight capacities.

The trampoline you chose needs to be able to cope with all that use.

Ranging from 6 to 17 feet in diameter, trampoline sizes vary in as many ways as their users. If this is for one person a larger unit may seem wasteful, but if there are going to be more than one person on at a time then a smaller trampoline will grow to be inadequate very quickly.

Remember your family is growing. A smaller trampoline for five and six year olds may soon be inadequate for eleven and twelve year olds.

Your trampoline purchase has to be considered carefully for the use it will receive, and be capable of bouncing back (sorry) for everyone’s enjoyment in years to come.

The Right Trampoline Size For Families

The Shape Of Things To Come

Now for the fun stuff.  While the shape of your trampoline is somewhat a personal preference, there are some things you may not be aware of in terms of why trampolines are shaped the way that they are, apart from the obvious surface area differences.

Historically, rectangular shaped trampolines were for the gymnast, and a serious training tool for those involved in the sport for more than recreational purposes. The round shaped units were seen for home based play, becoming an almost essential piece of backyard equipment.

As with most things in life, a hybrid was introduced in the form of oval shaped, and rounded rectangle trampolines. Simply a melding of the square and round, varying shaped trampolines remain very popular today.

The main areas of difference between the traditional rectangular and the more modern shapes is in the user experience. Round and oval will provide a softer, and slower bounce, whereas the square and rectangular type are known to have more left and a firmer bounce.

This of course is dependent on manufacturer. The best idea is to get on and jump!

Room To Move

In conjunction with the size of the actual trampoline, the property in which to house it needs to be considered in all of this.

Naturally, your yard or land will need to be a reasonable size to house the construction you have in mind. A quick calculation before you set off to purchase will sometimes determine how big you can go.

Don’t be discouraged if have a smaller yard to deal with. This doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy this activity as much as anyone else, you may just need to be a bit more creative in your placement.

At the end of the day, size does matter, but don’t be concerned about some of these things to be considered and learned. It simply makes you a savvy consumer.

Armed with the right intentions, and a little bit of self-education, will see your trampoline purchase become an extension of your family’s entertainment and time together for years to come.

After all, you’re making memories here.

It takes the best to provide the best experiences. Get out and play today!

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5 Fun Trampoline Games For Families

Play has many benefits for children. Not only is it fun, but assists with socialization, builds physical strength, confidence and communication skills. Play can be as much about learning as the classroom is, if not more.

For a family, integrated play, consciously built into the lives of your household’s recreation is particularly important.

The old saying that the family that plays together, stays together may be never as important as in today’s modern, busy world.

So let’s have a look at a few games everyone can enjoy.

The thing that makes trampoline games so much fun it that many are caught out with the way that this unsuspecting piece of equipment renders you helpless, and entirely at its mercy.

If trampolines could talk, they would be chuckling wholeheartedly.

1. Hopscotch

Draw a hop scotch outline on your trampoline in chalk. This game may seem simple and a bit basic, but once you start you will realize it’s not as easy as you first thought.

It’s quite a challenge and much harder to accomplish than a regular pavement game of hopscotch.

Careful, you may find it addictive.

2. Pop Corn

Some of the simplest things are the most fun.

Have one player sit in the middle of the trampoline holding their legs up to their chest in a tucked position. They are now a vulnerable popcorn.

The other players do their best by bouncing around to “pop” the popcorn, making the player in the middle release their tight grip and “pop”.

3. Hot Potato

Four or more players are required to be jumping at all times. A soft ball is thrown between all players. It must be caught and not dropped. If it is dropped, not caught or the player stops jumping at any time they are out. Keep playing until one player is left bouncing.

Easier said than done.

4. Marco Polo

This game is stealth based, and asks for hearing and other sensory skills to be used.

One player sits in the middle with their eyes closed. Other players spread out and try to remain quiet.

The center person counts to ten and they can get up, still with their eyes closed. They then try to locate the other players.

If the center person shouts “Marco”, the other players must say “Polo”. This allows the seeker a hint on where another player may be. Once a player is found, they then become the center person to sit count to ten with their eyes closed, and try their hand at locating another.

At least four players make it interesting, for this game.

No peeking allowed.

5. Poison Balls

Put some balls into the center of the trampoline. Players pretend the balls are poison and therefore must not be touched or that player “dies”.

Players bounce around avoiding the balls, and hopefully each other in this game of surprising vigor. The last, still healthy player wins.

You may want to cover your ears from the screaming.



Of course there are many more games to incorporate into your fun times. Why not make up your own?

Games can also be water or strategy based, all with the added unknown of the trampoline and its wicked ways.

Kids need playtime, certainly, but so do you. Take the time out to enjoy your trampoline just as much as they do.

Yes, we live in a time-draining, energy sapping world at times, but promoting play within your own family will see you build bonds that cannot be replaced.


Give these games a try, and don’t forget the best place for all your trampoline needs and advice is a call away.

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You and your family will never look back.